Throughout the year, we will be offering several optional extracurricular classes.

We have begun to implement several Extracurricular classes into our curriculum this year. These classes include music, science, and two language course opportunities. These are optional add-ons, allowing parents to choose which curriculums they want to involve their children in.

An adult man sits on a chair with a guitar in front of eleven children siting on a red rug. They are in a class room decorated with cutouts of fall leaves.

Each class was chosen to enable children to learn and adopt new skill sets and talents at a young age while also expanding their minds and creativity. All classes will be held on campus At 12:30 P.M.

  • Monday Music with Mr. Beau
  • Tuesday Mandarin with Longo Foothill
  • Wednesday Dance with Dance Street
  • Thursday Science with High Touch High Tech
  • Friday Spanish with Longo Foothill

If you are a current parent and are interested in learning more about these options or how to get involved, please call or email the director.

An adult man in a lab coat sits on the floor in front of a poster about bones. He is holding a model skeleton.